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The best way to hinder the success of your website is to launch and then do nothing. Just like you your website needs ongoing love, care and attention.

There are a number of areas that need to be looked at regularly to make sure that your website reaches it’s full potential and you get a good return on investment. Fortunately we offer a simple, no hassle monthly care package to do all of this for you so that you can focus on the running of your business.

You’re in good hands

What’s Included?

Our website care package includes everything your website needs to continue to flourish:


Unlimited Amendments

As your business grows your website needs to reflect this. Perhaps you’re running an event or a promotional discount or maybe your team has changed.

Either way we’ll be here to amend your content where ever and when ever needed.

Automatic Off-Site Backups

Even after taking all necessary precautions the worst may still happen and your website can become inaccessible.

Fortunately we’ll have been backing up of all of your website files, database and emails to an off-site location and will have the website back online quickly.


Daily Security Monitoring

As part of our care package we monitor the security of your website every day. We’ll know immediately if somebody is attempting to gain access or if any of your website files change.

We then respond quickly to mitigate any risks and keep your website secure.

Monthly Manual Updates

The software that powers your website is actively maintained by development teams across the world but there is still the need to keep everything updated to prevent vulnerabilities.

Every month we’ll be logging in to update all of your plugins and themes and then check that everything has gone smoothly.

Monthly Analytics Report

Does it interest you to know who is visiting your site and how they found it?

By integrating analytics software we’ll be able to send you regular customised reports detailing all of the important metrics. A good way to track your progress and find areas to improve.


Support & Troubleshooting

It’s nice to know that you’re not alone is something goes wrong. As part of our care package we’ll always be here if you have any issues.

We’re happy to work with your hosting provider or any other partners depending on the issue.

what a bargain

One Monthly Fee

Complete Website Care Package

Includes unlimited amendments, daily security monitoring, monthly manual software updates, support, monthly analytics and off-site backups.

Starting from


Per month (Paid 6-monthly)

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