Free Great Pattern Generation Tools

As a web designer, you know the value of creating beautiful patterns for websites. However, not all designers understand that patterns are important design elements. In fact, design patterns can be the foundation of a brilliant website.

Patterns can be used for many reasons including the base of a complex graphic, or to make an illustration look more stunning. And patterns can be vibrant and energetic, or you can choose to create a more subtle design that acts to enhance a graphic. Patterns can even be designs in their own right, especially when an image or graphic isn’t the right answer.

Making patterns can take time and effort; it can also be challenging to create seamless patterns. However, we’ve put together a list of some great free pattern generation tools to enhance your web designs and make it faster & easier than ever to create beautiful patterns. Let’s get started!


Mazes are always popular but can be challenging to make by hand. Mazeletter. This isn’t the traditional maze creation too, either. To create a maze, you type in some letters to build infinitely tiled maze designs. You can choose from nine different free fonts, and each one is unique.

With this tool, you’ll have a unique, intricate maze design in no time! Choose to create zigzagging hedges, tunnels and more. The tool offers you these maze versions:

  • Path
  • Labyrinth
  • Boxwood
  • Metropolis
  • Palazzo
  • Underworld
  • Ziggurat
  • And more


This is a great tool for creating stripes. It’s simple to use, and you can create striped or plaid designs. You can stack as many stacked layers as you like, and the tool even allows you to choose the colour, width, gap, offset, rotation and opacity for each layer.

You can have some fun creating complex, distinctive patterns with Patternizer. The designs are also easy to export as CSS, so it’s all ready to be added to your site. With this tool, you’ll have an amazing striped design in only a few minutes.


This is a paid app that offers prices to choose from including a free trial, Hobby (for personal use), and a Pro version (for commercial use). Repper makes it every easy to create beautiful patterns that tile seamlessly. All you have to go is have a source image, and then use the various 28 tiling settings to create a wonderfully unique design.

The tool also offers some fun tiling effects to try. You can save as you work and export the design later. And you can mix and match effects such as duotone, halftone, and more. This tool works in any browser, and no installation is required.


This is an easy to use pattern creation tool. You can create some awesome backgrounds with Patternify. It was created by Sacha Greif and is a CSS pattern generator. All you have to do is choose a colour and then paint the pixels on the grid. You create a grid up to 10×10 and then turn the design into a PNG file to download and tile, or Base64 code, which you can paste directly into a website’s source.

While this tool doesn’t create a complicated design, this is a great tool for creating background designs for retro sites, among others.


This is a great tool, created by Sergiy Yavorsky, is a great way to create repeat patterns. You can choose to use the images on the site from their free library or use your own images. This is a great tool that provides you with control over each element. It allows you to scale, position and rotate your image to create the look you want.

When you’re done creating, you then download the high-resolution image to use as you’d like.


Created by Jason Long, this is a part of the original Geo Pattern tool. That tool offers more control over what you create, using code. However, the version of the tool we’re discussing is a lot easier to use.

This is another tool that lets you generate some beautiful tiling patterned designs just by typing in some random letters or words. This tool creates SVG images that are created from vibrant colours. When you’re done, just save the image and use on your site.

While the tool is simple to use, it applies Secure Hash Algorithms to create colours and shapes from the text you’ve entered.

Making seamless patterns isn’t easy, but with these tools you’ll enjoy the process of creating some unique, patterned designs to you use in your designs. These tools are free and easy to use for all types of design projects.

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17 May, 2020