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Freelance web design Norwich: How would you like a beautiful website that actually works? Or a website that performs as an integral part of your digital strategy? If you’re looking for great results, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, at Purple Lemur, we create better websites that get the results you need.
freelance web design norwich

Agency Quality Without The Cost

Like most businesses, your website needs to convert. Effective websites are a fusion of design convention with creativity, to create a unique site that stands out. We aim to deliver a site that represents your brand, as well as a site that’s easy and pleasant for users to navigate. Each part of your website is based on your call to cation, which ensures your site is an effective part of your overall marketing strategy.

Now, you may be concerned that this makes for a boring website. But don’t worry—your website will be anything but boring! That’s because we’re a group of freelancers dedicated to creating bespoke websites that are engaging and bold, as well as solidly based on your brand.

Your site will have all the functionality required, too. That’s because we base our work on the solid foundation of design principles and best practices. Plus, we do the keyword research to increase traffic to the site, which results in more sales. Start your freelance web design Norwich project today.

freelance web design norwich
freelance norwich web design
perfect on all devices

Mobile Friendly Websites

Today, most Internet traffic comes from users on mobile devices, and this is set to increase in the coming years. How does this impact your website? It means your site must look perfect for every visitor and the screen they’re using to access the site.

This is why we take responsivity seriously. We ensure each site we create scales without issues. So, your site creates the best first impression every time, for every site visitor.

We can also make your site mobile first, depending on your industry. This is especially beneficial for companies where over 80% of their traffic comes from mobile devices. Chat to us about your upcoming Norwich web design project.

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Attracting Your Audience

A business website needs to be more than just a pretty site on the web. Let’s face it, there are a ton of beautiful websites all over the Internet. But are they getting traffic? In many cases they’re not.
We understand that your website needs to be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. If a website can’t accomplish this, the battle’s already lost. The result is just another pretty site that sits there and doesn’t do much for the company.

Plus, you’ll have a mobile friendly responsive website that will provide your company with credibility. This leads to increased conversions, as well as increased revenues.

You can expect agency quality without the high cost. We’ve reduced overheads so we can provide you with high-quality web design services, without the high costs.

Along with the quality services, you’ll have a professional team who works with you in complete transparency and reliability. Plus, we go the extra mile to ensure your website beautiful, fast, responsive and successfully integrates with your company’s overall marketing strategy. You get strong results every time.

freelance norwich website design
increasing your sales

Focussed On Conversion

When you have visitors on the site, it’s time to convert them into customers. There’s an art to guiding site visitors to your call to action.

Here, at Purple Lemur Web & Digital, we work with you to create a bespoke, modern, appealing website that represents your brand. We craft the site around your unique call to action, which leads to an increase in leads and sales.

Your site is built with focused conversion in mind—from the foundation up. Freelance website design at it’s best!

all of the trimmings

Included In Every Web Design Project


Personalised Audit

Through our personalised audit, we ask questions that help us learn more about you, your company, its goals and strengths, as well as learn about your online presence. We take this information and use it as a guide or map for the rest of the design process.


Once your site has launched, we can help you learn how to control and manage it on your own. Our comprehensive training can be done on site or via screenshare. We’ll teach you what you need to know so you can take care of the website on your own. This training is totally optional and completely free.

Speed Optimisation

A slow website will not be an asset; instead, it will become like an anchor in the stream, which keeps your company from moving forward online. When a visitor comes to a slow site, you can count on them becoming frustrating and leaving for your competitor’s site. Not only does this mean a higher bounce rate, but it also results in fewer sales and less traffic. Sooner or later, your website will also end up at the bottom of the search results because it’s too slow. When we craft your website, we make every effort to ensure it loads quickly across a wide range of devices. You’ll have a fast site that’s optimized for speed.


We all know the Internet is a challenging place with threats from cybercriminals. These threats could quickly take down a website that’s not properly protected. For this reason, we take every precaution to build in all the security for common vulnerabilities. We know how to reduce the risk of downtime caused by site exploitations. You’ll have a safe, secure site that will be trusted by visitors, which in turn raises your company’s credibility.

Integrated Blog

Fresh, relevant content brings new visitors to your site, as well as compelling current customers to return. For this reason, we make sure to create an integrated blog on the site. This is a great method for building credibility and trust with site visitors. This also works to improve your rank in the search engines.


With the introduction of the GDPR, it means you have more responsibility on how the data from your website is collected and handled. We take care of this, too, by ensuring your website complies with all the new requirements.


We also install analytics software on each website project, so you can track who comes to your site, and where they come from. This information can then be used to optimise your company’s overall marketing strategy.


If you require more functionality on your website, we can take care of that, too! Whether you need to add a sign up for a newsletter, or even a quote platform, we can take care of this. We’re happy to build more functionality into your website.
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freelance website design Norwich

About Us—Who Are We?

We’re a small web design and digital marketing group made of freelancers who are dedicated to providing you with a beautiful, functional website. We work with businesses of all types and sizes, including charities, in Norwich. Our services are tailored to meet your unique requirements for a website that works, which is also integrated with the rest of your social media efforts.

We also provide other services including SEO, content marketing, and social media management in addition to website design.

You may find us a little different from the last web designers you worked with. That’s because rather than talking, we listen to what you have to say. This way, we get to learn about you, your business, along with what you would like to accomplish with a company website.

Plus, we take the hassle out of website design. You expect a result-driven website design process. It’s that simple.

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