Our Top Favourite Villages in Norfolk

Norfolk is a rural region home to beautiful coastlines, countryside, and some pretty villages. It’s possible to use any of these towns or villages as a base, from which you can explore the region! No matter what you prefer to do, Norfolk villages have it all. You can enjoy everything from learning about history, indulging in some sumptuous seafood, or even shopping till you drop!

We’ve put together a list of our top favourite villages to visit in Norfolk. Let’s get started!

  1. Wroxham

Wroxham is called the capital of the Norfolk Broads. The village sits beside the river, providing a beautiful, scenic place to take in a boating holiday. The village is also near the Hickling Broad, where you can find some vibrant dragonflies, swallowtail butterflies, and beautiful birds, including ospreys and spoonbills.

The village is about eight miles northeast of Norwich.

  1. Wells-next-the-Sea

What a picturesque name for a village! Wells-next-the-Sea is a small harbour town near salt marshes. It was one of the greatest ports in eastern England back during Tudor times.

Today, this small town offers excellent sailing and crabbing. You can also enjoy a walk from the town’s square to the beach. We’re sure you’ll love this small place!

3). Blakeney

Blakeney is a village located near Blakeney Point, which is home to the country’s largest grey seal colonies. The area is part of Norfolk’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), making this a great place to enjoy outdoor activities of all kinds, including walks along the sea and wildlife tours.

The village is picturesque with its cottages, pubs, local shops, and art galleries. It also sports Blakeney Guildhall and St. Nicholas Church, which both date to the 15th century.

If you’d like to see newborn seals, then be sure to visit Blakeney between November and January!

4). Walsingham

Walsingham is a Norfolk village that has a long history as a place of pilgrimage. The village is actually two settlements combined, which include Great Walsingham and Little Walsingham. If you love history, you’ll be happy to learn the village is a place where you can learn a lot about the country’s past.

The village features medieval streets that include local pubs, historical buildings such as the Walsingham Priory, the Roman Catholic Church of the Annunciation, and the Shirehall Museum.

Walsingham is still a place of pilgrimage today and can become quite busy between Easter and late October. So, you may want to visit the village before or after the pilgrimage times to avoid the crowds.

5). Cromer

Cromer is home to Britain’s Great Barrier Reef. The village features Cromer Pier, which is a traditional Victorian Pier. On the pier, you’ll find the Pavilion Theatre, where it’s possible to see live shows, musical cabarets, and more.

Also, in Cromer, you’ll find the Cromer Parish Church, which features a 160 ft tall tower. The cathedral dates from the 14th century and has stained glass windows created in memory of some of Cromer’s people.

Offshore is Cromer Shoal Chalk Bed. This is a 20-mile long chalk bed dating from the Mesozoic era. The bed is about 25ft below the surface and provides an excellent place to swim and snorkel. You’ll love the area’s arches, deep chasms, and more.

6). Holt

Holt is a small market town that features Georgian buildings and flintstone yards. This town is a great place for anyone who loves to shop for locally made products. The area is filled with all kinds of specialty shops, antique shops, galleries, and more.

Holt also offers plenty of places for history buffs. Try following the Holt Owl Trail, where you can learn about the history of the buildings in the area. For example, check out St. Andrew’s Church and Hanworth house.

7). Horning

Horning is a small village that dates all the way back to the 11th century! This lovely village is situated in the Norfolk Broads, between the How Hill National Reserve and the Bure Marshes. The place was established back in 1020.

Today, the village offers excellent sailing and boating. It also has many great pubs and shops. During the summer, Horning also hosts a festival such as the Boat Regatta, Horning Boat Show, and so much more.

Horning BeWILDerwood Norfolk is an award-winning adventure park where the whole family can have fun. You’ll find the 18-acre park includes zip lines, treehouses, and more.

8). Reepham

Reepham is a small market town in Norfolk, which features pretty streets, an 18th-century marketplace, and homes. The town is surrounded by a lovely rural area, between the Wensum and Bure Valleys.

And you’ll be happy to learn that Reepham sports a 16th-century pup, where you can stop for a drink and some great food!

9). Cley Next the Sea

Cley is a village located near the Sea, on the River Glaven. This was another of England’s busiest ports. You’ll find many buildings featuring Flemish gables and plenty of historical places to visit here.

The village also sports Cley Windmill, which dates from the 18th century. The windmill is five stories tall and today works as a bed and breakfast. You’ll enjoy some fantastic views of the marshland from the windmill.

10). Sheringham

Sheringham is a traditional seaside town on the Deep History Coast. The Deep History Coast is about 22 miles of coastline between Cart Gap and Weybourne. Here, you can enjoy the pretty promenade that has colourful beach huts along the town’s beach. The town also features colourful murals on the sea defences.

Here, you’ll also find Cromer Shoals Chalk Bed, where you can view a wide range of sea creatures. Don’t be surprised when you see starfish walking by, anemones, sponges, and even brittle stars!

The town also hosts many festivals during the year, including the Stream Gala, the Viking Festival, and Sheringham Carnival.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! These are ten of our favourite villages in Norfolk! The region features many places to visit and many things to do. You’ll find a mix of Victorian buildings and medieval structures, all beautiful in their eclectic mix.

We hope you have a great time visiting these places!

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