Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

When you’re ready to hire a marketing agency, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Some people equate this process to dating. And that’s an apt likeness. After all, when you work with a marketing agency, it is much like a relationship. It’s necessary to choose an agency that aligns with your values, and the relationship should benefit you both in the long run. 

As you begin your “dating” process, do you know which questions to ask before hiring a marketing agency? If not, don’t worry! We have you covered. Following are questions you can use to get through the process of hiring the right marketing agency. 

1. What Am I Looking For an Agency to Do? 

Even with a great marking team in place and a great strategy, consider what you want to achieve with a marketing agency. Take time to record your goals and the resources available to have a better idea of what you need from a partnership with a marketing agency. 

2. What is Your Expertise? 

When you ask this question and the marketing agency reps say they can do everything, run for the hills! It’s impossible for one agency to do “everything” and be effective for each client. 

The goal is to work with an agency that understands its core services, who they are, what they’re good at, and who its ideal clients are. 

Each marketing agency may specialise in something different, and that’s OK. Some may do best with social media ads, while another agency may do better with content creation, branding, and more. Your goal is to find an agency that fits your company and the type of work you need it to do. 

3. What are Your Core Values? 

Core values are essential. Remember, this is a relationship. In any relationship, it’s to find someone who shares the same values you do. Core values are essential and motivate a team to keep its focus on what’s important to the agency and its clients. 

If a marketing agency’s core values don’t align with yours, that’s OK. However, it’s also a clue you need to keep looking for the right marketing agency, one that shares your core values. 

4. Is the Marketing Agency a Good Culture Fit? 

You may have guessed that this is not a question to ask the marketing agency outright. However, as you get to know the agency, keep this question in your mind. As you learn more about a marketing agency, you also learn about its core values, communication style, and reputation; you’ll learn plenty about the company’s culture. 

As you learn more about the marketing agency, you will be able to see whether their company culture is a good fit with your own. 

5. Are They Familiar with Your Industry? 

While this is always required, having an agency that’s familiar with your industry can be beneficial. However, it could be that the agency has used tactics in the past that can be implemented for your industry. 

If the agency hasn’t worked within your industry, you may ask what ideas they could develop to ensure the success of your campaign. They may surprise you with some great ideas…or not. 

If not, that’s a sign to keep looking for the right marketing agency. 

6. Do You Have Case Studies or References? 

It’s also a good idea to view samples of the agency’s work or a detailed case study of a successful campaign. If these aren’t available, be sure to ask for references from current or recent clients. This is a great way to learn more about the marketing agency and learn about their company culture. 

7. Is All the Marketing Agency’s Work Done In-House? 

While this may not be essential, it is important to ask this question. Some teams work closely together and communicate daily. These teams usually have an easier time coordinating work on a project. 

On the other hand, agencies that outsource part of all of their work may have more trouble communicating and ensuring everyone’s on the same page on a project. 

8. What’s Expected of Me as a Client? 

Some marketing agencies like to work closely with their clients and maintain constant communication and updates. Then there are agencies that prefer a more relaxed approach. Each marketing agency is different.

So, your goal is to find a marketing agency that has the level of involvement you’re comfortable with. Make sure you can meet the agency’s expectations comfortably, but at the same time, ensure they can meet yours, too. 

9.  What is the Onboarding Process Like? 

Each marketing agency has its own client onboarding process. You can learn more about this by requesting an overview of the first six weeks of working together. 

10. How and When Will I Receive Communication About my Project? 

Many agencies use project management tools that can be used to communicate with clients. Ask who your point of contact will be and how often you’ll receive updates. 

Marketing agencies also continuously track and analyse your project’s performance and may provide monthly or quarterly updates. 

11. Who Do I Call if I Have a Problem? 

Most agencies assign a specific person as your point of contact. However, it’s always a good idea to ask if there’s another person you can reach out to if a problem arises. In addition, ask when these individuals are available and whether they have a direct number. And ask what the agency’s process is for weekend or holiday emergencies. 

12. How Long Until the Completion of my Project? 

If you’re doing ongoing work with an agency, there may not be a completion phase for your project. However, it’s a good idea to ask about the timeline for different phases of the project. This information can be used in your decision-making process. 

Summing It Up

These are the main questions to ask when searching for the right marketing agency. Use these questions to sift through the different agencies until you find the right one. 

Remember, this is like a relationship, and it’s essential to find a marketing agency that’s a good fit for you and your business! 

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