Reasons Why You Should Live in Norfolk

Norfolk is a place filled with natural beauty, where a holiday can be spent enjoying many types of attractions and activities. But what about living in Norfolk? Is it a great place to live, as well?

We’re here to say that Norfolk is an excellent place to live! In this article, we’ll share the many reasons why moving to this county would be one of the best things you could do!

1). The Natural Beauty

We can’t say enough about Norfolk’s natural beauty. Everything is here—big, blue skies that you can’t believe, wildlife of all kinds, and we can say enough about the coast and the countryside.

Here’s a short list of some of the nature parks, where you can easily spend a day outside in the sun:

  • Pensthorpe Natural Park
  • Hickling Broad
  • Holkham National Nature Reserve
  • Martham Broad National Nature Reserve
  • And many more!

It’s possible to have fun hiking, biking, birdwatching, and more. Where else in the UK can you enjoy so much bewitching natural beauty in one place?

3). The Arts

Norfolk is home to over 200 artist colonies, theatres, music, and so much more. And Norwich is known for being a city filled with books and book shops. You can check out some amazing books at the Book Hive.

You’ll also find the Theatre Royal, the Maddermarket Theatre, and wonderfully funny puppets at the Puppet Theatre. The theatres are filled with all types of plays, comedy and music all year round.

And we can’t forget to mention King’s Lynn and the Corn Exchange. This is a great place to hear music, see comedians perform, and many popular shows.

4). The Deep History Coast

This is a spectacular area if you enjoy pre-historic times. In fact, Norfolk is one of the earliest places where evidence of humans has been found outside the Great Rift Valley! But wait, there’s more.

If you love pre-historic animals from the Ice Age, then you’ll be amazed to learn that Norfolk was also the place where one of the best-preserved mammoth skeletons was found. And what’s more, the bones that were missing had been eaten by hyenas.

For those who love pre-historic animals from millions of years ago, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s even possible to find Cretaceous fossils when you’re out walking along the coast. One of the best places to find fossils is at West Runton. One tip—the best fossils are found in the winter and spring months.

5). The Beach

Norfolk sports over 90 miles of pristine beaches where you can take in some sun. And no matter where you are in Norfolk, you’re only about 40 miles from a beach. It’s easy to take a day trip to the sea!

This makes Norfolk the perfect place to live if you love beaches and the sea. Think of those long summer days when it’s hot. You’re only a short drive from the beach! Or you and your dog can enjoy long walks on the warm sand. The beach is also a great place to have parties, and more!

6). The Best Seafood

The sea makes Norfolk the best place to relish its amazing seafood, which is often featured at food festivals, restaurants, and cafes.

Visit the Moorings in Blakeney. This is a restaurant that’s a little on the basic side, but which offers the most amazing, simple fish dishes. This place supports the local fishermen very well.

And don’t miss the Wells Crab House, located in Wells-next-the-Sea. This is a charming, cozy place to enjoy seasonal, local fish and shellfish. They also offer a very good wine menu, filled with wine that goes great with seafood.

One last mention goes to the Bure River Cottage Restaurant, which is in the village of Horning. This restaurant also features local fare and provides a curated wine menu for its fish dishes. You can enjoy monkfish, wild halibut, shrimps, and more.

7). Norfolk is Home to Independent Businesses

Norfolk is a great place for independent businesses of all kinds. You’ll find jewellery makers, Zenos Cars (a car manufacturer), large multinational companies, and more.

8). Great Place for Cyclists

Because Norfolk has some relatively flat areas, it’s the perfect place for anyone who enjoys cycling. Who wouldn’t love taking in the rolling countryside, the picturesque villages, and the peace and quiet?

As you travel by bike, it’s easy to stop at a tearoom for refreshments and a rest. Or if you’d like a meal, stop off at a seaside café or village pub. You’ll find everything available to make your cycling trip a pleasure in Norfolk.

We also should mean the Norfolk Coast Cycleway, which was launched in July 1993. This route follows the Sustrans National Cycle Network (NCN) from Hull to Harwich. Keep in mind that the coast route is pretty busy in the summer, which means more traffic. So, you may want to consider an inland route to avoid some of the other cyclists.

9). UNESCO City of Literature

Do you love books? Then you’ll be happy to know that Norwich is the place that’s been called the UNESCO City of Literature. This city is a place where writers and the written word have been around for over 900 years.

In fact, the first book in the county was published by a woman, Julian of Norwich in the 14th century. Her book is entitled Revelations of Divine Love, which remains a popular read to this day.

Famous world writers have come from Norwich including Ian McEwan. What’s more, the city also has the Writers Centre Norwich, which was established in 2003. The plans are to make this a national centre for writing.

10). It’s a Great Place to Live

Finally, we just have to say that Norfolk is a great place to live. The county has so much to offer—from the arts to nature—this is an area that literally has something for everyone.

Plus, it’s a place where everyone is friendly. What more can we say? Norfolk is a wonderful place to live. If you don’t live here, you’re missing out on a great life!

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