Seven Productivity Tools to Turn You into a Multi-tasking Maestro

Do you find it hard to manage tasks and get things done? It may feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day! Do you wish for a 48-hour day instead of the normal 24 hours?

If these questions fit your situation, you may be feeling frustrated and burned out. Now’s the time to get a handle on how your time is spent and use tools that help you become more productive. The good news is there are many apps and tools available today to productivity back into your daily routine!

We’ve put together a list of productivity tools you can try. Use the ones that are the best fit for your work and daily routine.


Our list starts with Toggl, a time tracker tool. The app is easy to use and tracks you in real-time. If you need to bill hours or track how much time you spend on specific projects, Toggl is a great tool to use.

The app provides an instant overview of your billable time and how your team is progressing on specific projects. It also allows you to export timesheets, email & print professional reports for clients and bosses, and more.

Toggl also offers you the ability to plan projects. You can schedule, collaborate, and distribute work more effectively across the team. And you’ll always be on top of your work and projects, with an overview that’s clear and easy to understand.


Trello is another powerful, straightforward project management app for project management. Trello gives you a great way to organize your team, assign & track tasks, and more. The app shows all of the tasks and projects for the team in one place.

The app is a user-friendly tool that’s intuitive and uses a Kanban-style drag & drop management interface. Using this tool, the entire team can easily visualise progress on tasks throughout a specific project.

What’s more, Trello also offers a mobile app that’s both powerful and user-friendly. You have the same experience within the mobile app as you do on the desktop or online versions. Your entire team has access to Trello no matter where they are.


Write is another project management tool that offers a free trial for you and your team. Managers can easily create and assign tasks, projects, and milestones. And it’s easy to see where projects are at a glance. The tool even includes a built-in Gannt Chart for fast visualisation of your schedule.

And teams also benefit from Wrike. Each team member has a clear view of their own tasks. Wrike also makes it easy to access all work files, tasks, and discussions in one place. It’s also easy to track time on tasks and export time logs.

Wrike makes it easy to coordinate across multiple teams and projects, too. You’ll also find it easy to create and share reports with upper management.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is another tool that can take your productivity to another level. Google Workspace is a group of apps that make it easier for teams to collaborate and communicate. You or an admin manage the account. The admin also has control over app access and security settings. The tool is versatile and can be configured to fit many different types of businesses and groups.

You’ll find a wide variety of apps included with Google Workspace, including:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Drive
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Sites
  • Keep
  • Forms
  • And more

What’s more, Google Workspace is easily accessible through the Google Chrome browser.


Do you find yourself doing a lot of writing? Do you work on emails, essays, and social media posts? No matter what type of writing you do, Grammarly is a great tool to improve your writing. The app is easy to use and fast. It’s like having another pair of eyes on your work. Plus, Grammarly works as you write, so it’s easy to catch mistakes and change them at the moment.

Grammarly offers a free app; however, we recommend the professional version of this tool. The free version only allows so many characters a month, and it only offers limited writing assistance. The full version of Grammarly, on the other hand, provides all the tools you need to make your text more professional and correct.


Slack is a powerful messaging app that keeps your team in touch across multiple devices and platforms. The tool includes robust features that make it easy to chat with one person or a group. The app also makes it easy to upload and share files with your team. You can also integrate other apps and services and have control over every setting. And if you love creating custom emojis, you can do that inside Slack, too.

Slack is free; however, you only have the ability to browse and search your team’s 10,000 most recent messages. And you are limited to 5GB of file storage. The app offers three pricing tiers, so you can find a solution that fits your budget.


Todoist is an app that helps you plan your days and weeks. The tool can be used to add tasks that you tick off as you go. It also allows you to add descriptions for each task on your list. With the free version of the app, you can track 300 tasks per project, 20 active sections per project, and have five collaborators for each project. The paid version offers more features.

Just about anyone can benefit from Todoist, from freelancers to larger organisations. You and your team can become more organised and get more done with this tool. What’s more, the app is simple to use, yet, it offers a powerful way to boost your creativity. And it’s available across platforms.

Summing It Up

Our list of productivity tools and apps offers you a chance to increase productivity in fast, easy ways. Each tool is easy to use and understand. They also work across platforms and wherever you are. You’ll be able to stay up to date with your tasks, see what’s been done, and have assistance with everything from writing to communication!

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