The Best Web Design Blogs for Improving Your Skills

Reading design blogs, if you’re a web designer or a design agency, is a great way to stay up to date with design trends, and learn the latest news on what’s going on in the industry. The key is to find the very best blogs that are established and work to produce content on a regular basis. It can take precious time to read a lot of great content on the web; however, not doing so could really cause your business to fall behind.

So, we’ve put together a list of some of the best web design blogs for you. This list is a great place to find the information you need—it will also save you time in that you won’t have do the research yourself.

This is a pretty big list, so we recommend that you focus on those blogs that interest you.

Here we go!

1). A List Apart: this is one of the most popular and influential sites in the industry. In fact, this site coined the term “responsive web design.” It’s the perfect place to start your new list of best blogs.

2). Smashing Magazine: this is another great blog for web designers everywhere. Chances are, if you do a Google search about web design, this will be one of the sites that turns up in the top search results. You’re sure to find the latest news on web design when you visit this blog.

3). Web Designer Depot: this blog has many great posts on web design. It’s one of the biggest blogs and makes a great resource to keep on hand when you need information right away.

4). CSS Tricks: this is a staple for any web designer. You’ll find plenty of great technical articles, with just the solution you’re looking for.

5). Webdesign Ledger: is another site that all designer should follow. You’ll find essential information here—we guarantee it.

6). Envatotuts+: this site is geared to helping people learn and earn online. You’ll find great tutorials here, along with great industry information.

7). TNW Design and Dev: here, you’ll find information on design trends, UI/UX best practices, and much more, including development news.

8). CoDrops: they offer a great weekly collection of great resources and inspirational stuff for web designers and other creatives.

9). Hongkiat: this is another great, huge resource when you need information on technology, design and inspiration. You’ll find plenty of crucial information here.

10). Designrfix: if you’re looking for another essential site, this will fit the bill. This graphics and design blog offers great information, along with discussions on technique and more.

11). OneXtraPixel: this is an online magazine for developers and designers, where OXP shares tips, tutorials, resources, tools and more.

12). CreativeBloq: this popular blog has new articles every day and it’s great for web designers, and other creatives—anyone who want more design inspiration.

13). MonsterPost: this site is all about templates, but they also have a great blog where they share their own stuff and other things, too.

14). Web Designer News: while a fairly new site, you’ll find it’s similar to Reddit in some ways—you can even vote on links. The more interesting things tend to come to the top, making the front page a must for all web designers.

15). Noupe: another one to put on your essential reading list—this site usually has a new article every day. You can count on their information be good. We guarantee it.

16). DesignShack: focused on web designers, you’ll find a great treasure trove of resources here.

17). Vandelay Design: another excellent resource where you can even find freebies, deals, WordPress things and more.

18). Swiss Miss: run by Tina Roth Eisenberg, it’s a great site for inspiration. Why the name? Because Tina grew up in Switzerland before she moved to New York City. You’ll find minimalistic designs for inspiration.

19). Six Revisions: while they don’t post very often, you’ll find that each and every article is filled to the brim with great tips for web designers.

20). Line25: this site is focused on providing both inspiration and ideas to various types of web creatives. You’ll find tutorials and great roundups of trendy design essentials.

21). DesignModo: this site runs a great web design group on LinkedIN. They have great posts on WordPress, BootStrap, web design and much more. A great site for web developers and designers.

22). Fast.Co Design: this is a must for all web designers and other creatives. You’ll find plenty of information, daily, on things you find important.

23). DesignTaxi: is a site that is a great source for design news, creative thinking, design tools, inspiration and more. It’s an excellent resource for all web designers and other creatives.

24). ClientsFromHell: we’ve all had those types of clients. This is a collection of stories about terrible designers. It’s a great place to take a breather for a laugh, but you’ll also find lessons to be learned here.

25). Abduzeedo: is another great place to find inspiration, information on top trends and more.

26). ProgrammableWeb: this is a great place for coders. You’ll find great information on API news and trends. You’ll also find opinion pieces with lots of valuable information.

27). SpoonGraphics: a site dedicated to creative passion, you’ll find great tutorials, freebies, and articles on theory and inspiration.

28). InstantShift: a great site for web developers and designers, you’ll find lots of great posts on WordPress, CSS, tools, web design, tutorials, fonts, photography and more.

29). eWebDesign: you’ll find all the latest and greatest here with articles on the latest web news, articles by design experts and more.

30). WebAppers: here’s a great site if you need freebies. Here you’ll find this site points out great open source and free web resources, and they also have their own articles that are a great resource.

We hope you find this list of web design blogs useful and that you’ll be happy to share it with web designer and web developer friends, too!

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