Things You Might Not Know About Norfolk

Norfolk, a county located in East Anglia, is a place known for its spectacular natural beauty and deep history. The county is bordered on one side by Suffolk (to the south), Lincolnshire (to the northwest), and Cambridgeshire (to the west and southwest). Norwich is the county seat of this fantastic region.

In this area, you can have all kinds of experiences, from the wild and natural, to the city and historic. And if you love wildlife, this is the place to go. You’ll see everything from beautiful birds to seals and their pups, as well as other spectacular wildlife.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some things you may not about this beautiful county!

Interesting Facts about Norfolk

What would you like learn about Norfolk? Keep reading to find some fascinating details you don’t want to miss!

1). Wonderful Visitor Attractions

You’ll find all manner of visitor attractions in Norfolk. You can take a visit to the BeWILDerwood area, which is an award winning “wild and imaginative outdoor adventure park.” You’ll find the park filled with amazing treehouses, great characters, and more while taking in the natural beauty around you.

Then there’s Go Ape Thetford. Here, you can spend the day in the Thetford Forest exploring the canopy, to hiking and more. You can experience your prehistoric humanity in this place by swinging on giant Tarzan Swings, zip lines, and more.

And we can’t forget Banham Zoo, which has much to offer kids of all ages (including adults!). Have a gaze at tigers, leopards, sealions, giraffes, monkeys and more.

If you’d like to be near water, then be sure to check the Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden. Here you can enjoy 130 acres of ancient woodlands and water gardens.

And we have to mention that you can’t leave out a visit to Castle Rising, which was built by William D’Albini in 1140. Set on twleve acres, the area is perfect for picnics, and you can take in the castle, which has some of the largest ramparts in Britain!

There are many more attractions we could mention, but it’s time to move on to the next section!

2). Beaches

If you love to visit the beach, then you won’t be disappointed. Norwich has miles of beautiful beaches to enjoy. In fact, it has over 90 miles of unspoiled coastline, which includes cliffs, dunes and tidal salt marshes.

The beaches are clean and can be used for swimming and playing. This is a place just perfect to spend the day with kids!

3). The Norfolk Broads

Be sure to visit the famous man-made Broads, which offers 125 miles of navigable, lock-free waterways to enjoy. Take in the beautiful countryside as you enjoy a boat ride.

You’ll also see picturesque towns and villages. This is a place you won’t regret visiting and it’s also perfect for the whole family.

4). The Capital of Birdwatching in the UK

Did you know Norfolk is the capital of birdwatching in the UK? It’s true! The area is perfect for anyone who enjoys viewing specialty birds such as raptors, peregrines, harrier, bitter, and more. You won’t be disappointed!

5). The Perfect Place to Enjoy Cycling

What more could Norfolk offer? Plenty! In fact, this is the perfect place to cycle. You can relish in the country lanes and woodland cycle routes all around Norfolk. There are also paths along the coast that allow you to enjoy beautiful views of the sea.

6). Big Sky Country

You may believe the largest sky is found in the Western US; however, don’t underestimate the big sky country in Norfolk! You’ll find open skies that look down on fields of poppies and trees. In fact, this is a place that has long inspired poets, artists, and writers! Maybe you’ll be inspired by these same big skies when you visit Norfolk.

7). Enjoy the History Coast

Norfolk has had visitors for the past million years! In fact, this is a place where you can wander on trails in the area and possibly find fossils and other artefacts. Wander the Discovery Trail, which includes Discovery Points along the way. You may be surprised to find a hand-axe from an inhabitant who lived in the area thousands of years ago.

8). Norfolk Has Some Great Fishing Holes

The waterways all across Norfolk are home to some great fishing holes, no matter if you’re a novice or an experienced fisher person. You’ll need to get a fishing license and permissions, but then you can go out and enjoy some relaxation as you fish in the warm sun.

One of the best areas to fish are at the North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust. Here you’ll find roach, pike, tench, perch, and more. You can also fish from the beach with the correct license. From the beach you may get lucky and catch some bass, tope, or even cod.

9). Arts & Culture in Norfolk

This is an area filled with artistic communities, which are some of the largest in the UK. You’ll find a wide range of galleries featuring artists, sculptors, and potters.

You can also find plenty of theatre, dance, and outdoor concerts in this artsy place. There are plenty of carnivals, fairs, and markets to enjoy, too!

10). Food & Drink

You’ll also be able to sit and have some delicious food and drinks in Norfolk! In fact, the area is almost perfect for growing malt barley, which is used to produce beer. So, you’ll find a large number of micro-breweries and pubs with specialty beers.

It’s said there are over 1000 pubs in Norfolk! You may not be able to visit them all but take in a few and have a great micro-brew in each one!

Norfolk is also filled with amazing hotels and restaurants, where you can find some wonderful foods. There’s plenty of everything including seafood fresh from the sea. You can also enjoy seasonal fruits, cheeses, and more all produced by local producers.

The county is also home to many foodie events, which should as no surprise! One of the largest is the North Norfolk Food Festival, along with the year-round farmers’ markets, beer festivals, and more.

There you have it! Some amazing facts you probably didn’t know about Norfolk! Aren’t you just chomping at the bit to go for a visit?

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