What To Look For In A Digital Marketing Company

Your business is marketed in many ways online, but one of the most important is through the company’s website. This can be a challenge for many businesses; however, there are digital marketing agencies that can help you with this task.

There are many digital marketing agencies available but how do you choose the right one for your business? Don’t worry! We’ve put together this quick guide to help you find the best digital marketer for your company.

Before You Start the Search…

Before getting started in the search for the right digital marketing company, you’ll first need to identify the specific types of digital marketing you’d like to outsource such as:

  • SEO strategy and content optimisation (including on-page SEO)
  • Social media management (which generally includes content creation, scheduling, posting, and more)
  • Social media advertising
  • Link building campaigns
  • Content marketing (developing a strategy, creating content, & optimisation)
  • Local SEO (optimisation, Google My Business management, and more)
  • Technical SEO (running audits, 301 management, Google Search Console reporting & fixes)
  • Google display or paid search ads
  • Email marketing
  • Brand strategy

The key here is to stay active where you feel comfortable and are most effective, then choose those areas where a digital marketing agency might be more effective.

After going through this exercise, you’re now ready to look for digital marketing agencies that provide the services you need.

Ask These Questions

Now you’re ready to start asking the digital marketers about the services they provide. Ask these questions to see just what’s covered in their services:

1). Do they use current methods?

You’ll need to find out if they use the most up-to-date methods with these products and services:

  • Google’s algorithm & SEO factors
  • Google Ads
  • Bing (which also runs Yahoo) search and rankings
  • Microsoft Advertising (which used to be Bing)
  • Other search engines & their ad platforms
  • Amazon’s search and rankings
  • Amazon Ads
  • Social media networks
  • Social media ad platforms
  • Email marketing platforms

Staying current with each of these products and services is key to your marketing efforts. A great digital marketing agency should remain on top of updates and more. You’ll need to ask each agency about their methodologies and their awareness of recent changes. Do this, it will be necessary to gain knowledge on these topics, which you can do by subscribing to: 

  • Search Engine Journal (SEO & PPC)
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • Later Media (for Instagram)
  • Social Media Examiner

Be sure to listen to how a digital marketing agency responds to your questions. See if they’ve heard of a change that you’re aware of and then see if their reasoning reflects best practices. It’s important to ensure they don’t just respond to changes, gossip or trends. Instead, they should be able to provide you with a good reason for taking any actions when it comes to changes.

2). Is the agency comfortable discussing digital marketing?

One big red flag will be if you ask the agency a question on some aspect of a report, such as a piece of specific data, and they aren’t able to give you a solid answer in return. They should also be able to provide an answer in plain language you can understand, without the jargon.

Be sure to choose a company that gives you a straight, no-nonsense answer in response to your questions. You should leave the conversation feeling more knowledge and satisfied with their answers.

3). Is the company well-rounded?

What do we mean by this? When shopping for the right digital marketing agency, you’ll want one that understands and applies each aspect of digital marketing together. Their understanding and experience should include:

  • SEO, social, ads email content marketing
  • Social media contributes to SEO
  • The understanding that on-page and technical SEO are different, but both are needed
  • Linking building is crucial for SEO & can be tied to content marketing
  • Channels should drive the targeted audience to a specific or customised landing page on your site

Avoid those agencies that tell you some aspect isn’t important or that seem to have a lack of basic understanding of other digital marketing efforts.

4). Do they have the proof?

This may seem like a confusing question; however, what we mean here is does the company have case studies? Case studies are proof that the marketing company can do what they say. Be sure to review all of their case studies.

You may be required to sign NDA agreements, and more; however, it’s important to ensure the digital marketing agency can provide proof that their methods work. In addition, the agency may not be able to discuss the exact details, but they should be able to supply broad results that may include improved traffic or engagement by percentages or totals.

And remember to check their reviews and testimonials. These can help you gain key insights into how the company works and treats their clients. You can even contact past clients for additional information.

5). Do they practice what they preach?

In other words, look to see if the digital marketing agency’s using the methods they’re touting to you including:

  • Ensure their site is optimised and that it ranks well
  • They should have claimed their Google My Business Profile, which should be branded and populated
  • Check to see if they have at least once active social media channel
  • Check to see if ads, social media posts and/or emails feel cohesive with the brand

In addition, you can do a Google search to see how the company stacks up in the results. Check to see if their titles are optimised and if meta descriptions are accurate—do they have meta descriptions on each page? You can also check out their social media platforms, how often they post, which hashtags they use and more. You can even sign up for the agency’s newsletter! If don’t like what you see, then move on to the next agency.

These are all easy methods you can use to help find the best digital agency for your company. The key is to treat this as you would a job interview. The similarities fit—you’re looking for the best digital marketing agency that will be able to successfully collaborate on your company’s digital marketing efforts.

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