Why Use Illustrations on Your Website & How To Do It Right

Are you building a website and finding it difficult to find photos that work? If so, you’re not alone. Many sites turn to stock photography for their branding and website images. Many sites use stock photography. The reason is that the images are relatively inexpensive, look professional, and provide the company with full control of the imagery.

However, the Internet has become overly saturated with stock photos. That’s because everyone is using the same images over and over. The result is very similar to those new housing additions with cookie-cutter houses. Who wants that?

Another problem with using stock images is that your brand will simply fade into the background. It will blend in with all the other sites using the same image. Your brand image will look the same as everyone else’s, making your company invisible.

What other option do you have? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article!

6 Reasons to Choose Illustrations Over Stock Photography Images

Many websites have chosen to use illustrations rather than stock photos. We’ll review some of the reasons you may want to consider illustrations, too!

1). Makes Your Site Unique

Stock photos can be nice; however, everyone online tends to use the same (or similar) images. On the other hand, illustrations can make a site stand out and be unique. What’s more, the proper illustrations can even make a website more memorable.

Illustrations can create a bespoke look for your site, which is an exact fit for your business. Illustrations will also precisely convey the message you’d like to get across to site visitors. A website with illustrations can make your business look more authentic and trustworthy, too.

What’s more, unique illustrations can help convey the products and services on offer, and more. Branding with illustrations creates a recognisable brand, while stock images make your website and company blend into the background.

This makes illustrations the best option for companies that have a unique look that requires amazing images. There are even companies that are using both illustrations and photographs together, creating a distinctive blend of imagery. What a great way to stand out from the backdrop of cookie-cutter websites and their images!

2). Illustrations Show Character

What a great way to add some personality and character to your website! Many companies have found that illustrations provide not only a distinguishing look but that they also offer a way to have fun and garner attention at the same time.

Some are worried that using illustrations means going with art that looks unsophisticated or cartoony. But that’s simply not the case. There is a wide range of illustrators available who offer unique designs that are quite elegant and beautiful. You don’t have to choose cartoony artwork for your site.

3). Complete Freedom Over the Design

This is precisely why many businesses have chosen to go with customised illustrations. The fact they have complete freedom over the design offers many benefits over using stock images. Everything can be created uniquely for your site.

Uniqueness doesn’t just stop with the illustrations, either. You can also go with a unique font, theme, and more. Illustrations can be used by themselves or combined with other customised elements. When it comes to designing with illustrations and other unique elements, you have almost endless possibilities as to how your site can be designed.

4). Illustrations Make Your Site Memorable

We mentioned this fact earlier, but we want to stress it again. Remember all the photos and videos that bombard us every day across all social media platforms. Looking at these every day has a mind-numbing effect. Not only that but do you remember the brands or the individuals who put up these images? In most cases, no. That’s because there was nothing distinctive about their photo and video content.

Keeping this in mind, consider the fact that your site visitors experience the same mind-numbing effect after being online each day. Now, consider what happens when site visitors come to your site and find something new, different, and unique! Can’t you just feel their brain cells becoming more active?

This is what happens when site visitors see something new and inviting. Not only do their eyes and brains have a chance to relax when viewing illustrations. If the illustrations are creative and artistic, visitors to the site will remember your brand, company, products, and services that much more.

Having a unique site with beautiful illustrations is a great way to help site visitors remember your business.

5). Avoid Copyright Issues

It’s a fact that a beautiful website needs to have more than just text to be effective. Images, videos, and illustrations are necessary to make the site more memorable and appealing. These design elements also help get your message across and even another layer of explanation to content. What’s more, with original artwork, your company won’t have to worry about copyright issues.

When working with a graphic artist, they can create original art for your site. There’s no need to use stock images that may come from sites that have shady licensing. With your own illustrations, you’re in control of the design, as well as the copyright.

6). Illustrations Can Move, Too

Many companies have found that a combination of illustrations and movement can help keep customers on a website. They may even have a deeper engagement with the site with moving images. Static images can create a beautiful website; however, adding dynamic images can increase user interactions with your site.

Examples of moving illustrations include interactive infographics, maps, characters, and more. Illustrations can even be used to create videos that act as a background on the site, on a landing page and more.

Summing It Up

There’s no question that using illustrations, or even a mix of unique art and photos, can go a long way in making your site memorable and distinguished. You’ll have more control over your brand while also avoiding possible copyright issues in the future.

What better way to make your website stand out than by using illustrations?

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