How to Design an Effective “About Us” Page

A website is all about conveying information to site visitors, including details about the company. This is usually done through a variety of font styles, images, and more. However, most businesses fail to realise that their “about us” page is crucial to their company.

The about page may contain contact information. However, the about page can be used even more effectively for your business. That’s what this article is all about.

What is an About Page? 

The about page is where site visitors can learn more information about the company. It can contain the company’s story, as well as include company branding and even some of the personality of the people behind the company.

When an about page is done the right way, it will create empathy between the company and its site visitors. In addition, the page will include company values, which further increase the connection between the business and site visitors. This works to make the business more credible and trustworthy.

How to Create an About Page the Right Way

How should an about page be done the right way? We’ve put together some steps to help you create an amazing about page for your business website:

1). Decide What to Include

Keep in mind that visitors are short on time. Many organisations tend to believe that including more information is better. However, when visitors only have a short time to spend on the page, too much information can make them leave quickly. No one has time to endlessly scroll down the page and read everything there.

For this reason, the information on the about page should be fast and easy to read. Keep your company’s story and background short. Ensure each piece of information is relevant and valuable to site visitors.

2). Keep the Mission Statement Clear

Site visitors want to buy from a company they trust. This can be done through a more human touch on your about page.

Rather than making site visitors scroll through tons of text, ensure your mission statement is obvious and clear. This can be done through a subheading on the about page. The text should instantly let site users know what the brand is about. Let them know why they need to keep reading to learn more about the company.

Using a subheading right after the main title of the page draws attention to the mission statement. In this way, site visitors immediately know what the business is about.

For a more involved mission statement, it is possible to short segment near the top of the page with this essential information. But be sure to keep it short and include negative space around this page element.

3). Use the Right Trust Elements

It’s hard for people to know who to trust. That’s a fact of our modern world and the Internet. Remember that your company’s about page is a way to create a human connection that engenders trust.

To help gain the trust of your site users, consider adding some elements to your about page. These include:

Star ratings: from sites such as Trusted Reviews and Google can create credibility and trust

Quotes & case studies: quotes from customers and case studies are another way to create authenticity and credibility.

Use data: it’s also possible to use real data and graphs on your about page to create trust with site visitors. These can include trust stickers and badges from reputable groups and regulators that ensure the company is trustworthy.

4). Communicate Brand Personality

Brand personality needs to be communicated on each page of your website, including the about page. This can be done through the use of colours, fonts, videos, images, and more. Remember, this is where the site visitor learns more about the business. For this reason, branding should be recognisable and fit the company’s industry, products, and services.

The right combination of colours, fonts, and more can let site visitors know what your company’s all about, as well as learn about its “personality.” For instance, design elements may convey that your company is laid back and easy-going. Or the right combination of design elements can let site visitors know your company is conventional. It all depends on what you want to convey.

5). A Journey Through Time

An about page can also be used to help a customer learn about how a business has evolved through time. It can also help a site visitor see where the company’s headed into the future. This can be valuable information for site users and even have a bearing on whether or not they choose to interact with your company.

Customers are looking for companies they can trust. This can be done through sharing details on experience, the company’s heritage, and their background in the industry. This can be accomplished through the use of a timeline of accomplishments.

A timeline of accomplishments can show the company’s major milestones through the years. However, it’s essential not to overwhelm visitors with too much information or too many details. A timeline of this nature, on an about page, should only share the significant highlights of what the business has done through the years.

6). Show the Human Side of the Company

Another way to create empathy and credibility with site users is to show the human side of your business. This can be done through an introduction to some of the people in your company.

Be sure to only include those people who are c-suite executives and those who have made significant contributions to the business. Again, remember not to overwhelm site users with too much information.

You can share details about employees in your company through the use of photos of the team. It can even be done through creative icons and illustrations of the team that represent their unique personalities.

Summing It Up

An about page is an essential part of your company website. It takes time to create a meaningful about page that shows the company’s unique personality and style. And don’t forget that the about page needs to convey essential information to site visitors. They want to learn what your business is all about.

A great about page not only provides information site visitors want; it can also work to improve conversion rates at the same time!







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